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oz french bulldog puppies

The wizard of Oz

Co-owned with Out of the Blue Frenchies

Incredibly healthy, beautiful, athletic and has a fantastic temperament. He comes from incredible lines. He’s a proven producer of outstanding pups.

We have Oz available. He’s a lilac and tan carries who carries testable chocolate (b/isabella). We are just opening him up to the public for the first time and are running a reduced introductory rate of $3500


Dixon is one fun loving Lilac Frenchie, he’s always there when you need him, and always ready for a good snuggle. His intelligence does not go unnoticed in and around the house, and neither does his good looks. His handsome, charming face and amazing ropes and wrinkles always will catch your eye! Blue Wonders Frenchies lovingly own him, and he’s a smart little guy, with a beautiful personality! Dixon loves soaking up the sun in Florida. He enjoys any treats you may give him but above all he loves being around his friends. We love having him as part of our Canadian Frenchie Family, and we know that you’ll adore the puppies he produces!

dixon french bull dog
benny moo moo french bull dog

Benny Moo Moo

Benny Moo Moo is not only famous on Instagram but also famous as part of our family. His loving owners are Bennie Beau Buzz Frenchies. His pied coat is unique, and so is his personality. He’s a gorgeous Lilac Pied French bulldog with a very manly figure. He has a cobby head. His face is full of ropes and wrinkles. We are so happy to have him as a part of our Canadian Frenchie Family. We love the fun and happiness he brings into everything he does. Benny loves dancing and prancing around, and making people laugh, he can be stubborn at times, but in the end, any treat can sway his decision. His unique pattern sets him apart from the rest! He’s an excellent Frenchie producer.