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They’re called man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs make excellent companions, no matter what breed or where you live. But you want a French Bulldog puppy, and you live in Edmonton. We think that’s a perfect match — here’s why:

Your French Bulldog Puppy Will Get Along With Anyone

Frenchies have a famously friendly demeanor, and they don’t reserve their good cheer just for their owners. These sociable dogs love people. You don’t have to worry about their behavior when taking them on a walk with one of your friends, for example. You can easily bring your Frenchie to an Edmonton-area park for a stroll, too. They’ll be calm around other people in the area, as well as other dogs on walks.

Frenchies Require Moderate Exercise

Having a dog provides you with a multitude of health benefits, both mental and physical. Having a dog can fight depression. And walking your pooch provides daily exercise, which boosts feel-good endorphins. Your French Bulldog puppy will provide all of that. Frenchies are naturally playful, and they love to get outside, especially with their favorite person — you.

This trait is welcome news if you’re not a fan of winter weather in Edmonton, AB. There will be no need to linger too long with your Frenchie because they’ll want to come inside, as well. On days like those, you can keep your Frenchie inside. A game of fetch or a chase around the house will give them the workout they need.

French Bulldogs Are Adaptable

You’re getting a French Bulldog to fit into your life as it is now. What if you move or build a family or make other sweeping life changes? The good news is, your Frenchie will roll with the punches. These dogs are famously adaptable — their main concern is caring for you.

You should know that these dogs won’t be adaptable to some very specific situations. For one, they don’t like extreme heat or cold. Don’t expect your pooch to go outside in this type of weather, so be sensitive when Edmonton winters roll around.

French Bulldog breeders will also caution against you leaving your pups for too long. They don’t like to be alone for extended stretches. If you’ve got a packed schedule, then it might not be the time to look for Frenchie puppies.

Your French Bulldog Puppy Will Be a Watchdog

They’re just as affectionate as they are smart. So, your Frenchie will make an excellent watchdog in your Edmonton, AL, home. Other than that, though, they won’t bark much.

Even though Frenchies are short in stature – between 11 and 13 inches to the shoulder – they do have a muscular frame. Perhaps their presence could be enough to ward off an intruder, especially one unaware of how friendly they are.

French Bulldog Puppies Edmonton

No Need to Clean Up After Your Frenchie

Many other dogs breeds shed or drool, which makes it tough to factor them into your Edmonton home or apartment. Frenchies slot right into your home without changing your cleaning routine. They have short hair, which makes them light shedders. It may be surprising, considering Frenchies’ smooshy faces, but these dogs don’t drool, either.

City Dwellers Love French Bulldogs

Your compact Frenchie won’t need much space to be happy. Edmonton has its fair share of different property shapes and sizes. A Frenchie would fit into any sized abode.  To hammer that point home, consider the breed’s popularity in some of the U.S.’s major cities. In New York City, for one, the French Bulldog is the top-choice breed. 

Your Frenchie Will Need Solid Training

We promised to tell you everything you need to know about French Bulldogs. To make your puppy into the perfect companion, they will require training. Although your Frenchie is an affectionate, friendly pup, they can be hard-headed. That’s why you need to train your Frenchie and start as soon as possible. It’s never too early to begin teaching your pup the proper behavior.

Start with puppy classes, which help socialize your Frenchie. Socializing your pup with people and other dogs will help, too. In the end, though, your Frenchie is a people pleaser. They tend to be easy to train because of this.

A French Bulldog Is Pure Entertainment

Have you ever heard a French Bulldog snore? If not, you’re going to once you have one of these dogs at home. The Frenchie is a famously vocal breed, even though they don’t bark. They yip, snore, snort and make other indiscernible noises.

On that note, Frenchies are so much fun to play with and watch. They provide so much entertainment, thus making them excellent companions to single people, couples and kids.

Edmonton French Bulldog Puppies

Frenchie Puppies Are Friends For a Lifetime

Now you know all that a French bulldog puppy has to offer you as a pet and a companion. Perhaps you’ve realized that one of these fiesty, fun pups is right for you. Most Frenchies live between 10 and 12 years, so you will have a long-time friend by your side. All you have left to do is find your perfect pup. We can help you with that. Contact us today to learn more about our available puppies and how to bring one home.

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