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Why choose AKC or CKC registered dogs?

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When a person or family decides to welcome a new dog into their home, a lot of thought can go into choosing the right breed. All dogs are great, but it’s important to look into several breeds and select the one that matches your lifestyle. Take Frenchies, for example. They’re cute, affectionate, energetic, with low shedding levels. In history and pop culture, these traits have turned them into a favourite of artists and influential figures, but Frenchies can be just as great for people with children. So, how do you make sure that the puppy you want to get really is a Frenchie and that the puppy breeder is reliable? By choosing only AKC or CKC registered breeders.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), are certified organizations that only work with qualified breeders, fight for the rights of dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership. By choosing a breeder that was certified by one or both of these organizations, not only do you get the guarantee that your new puppy really is a Frenchie, but also that the breeder uses ethical practices.

In this day and age, when anyone can post an ad online, create a website, and pass as a professional dog breeder, it’s important to know your rights and how to differentiate between a scam and the real thing. The AKC and CKC certifications are the surest way to verify your new dog’s origin and the seller’s credibility.

Signs that a breeder is not reliable

When looking online for a dog breeder, there are some signs that could indicate signs of fraudulent activity. Watch out for them:

The breeder refuses or postpones to provide proof of registration with the AKC or CKC.

The breeder only has one photo for each puppy.

The website has enough photos of the puppies, but they feature another seller’s watermark.

If the seller calls themselves a breeder, that alone is not proof of professionalism. Anyone can be a dog breed; the term simply means that they own a dog who produced a litter of puppies. But only a qualified breeder, certified with the AKC or CKC, respects the rules and regulations of breeding dogs and can offer you exactly what you are expecting.

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What does it mean if a dog is AKC or CKC registered?

The main benefit that you enjoy when getting an AKC or CKC registered puppy is accountability. You are not supporting a puppy mill and you have the guarantee that the seller doesn’t keep the dogs in inhumane conditions or treats them unethically. The AKC and CKC are actually trying to fight these wrong practices and promote responsible dog ownership.

Secondly, you get exactly what was advertised. While some people can welcome any dog into their home, many have very serious reasons for choosing a certain breed. For example, a parent who has kids that are on the spectrum may want a breed that’s particularly known to be loving and patient. People with allergies may also prefer the breeds that don’t shed. When you get a dog from a non-certified seller, chances are you may receive something else than what was promised. The dog may have a different gender, a different look compared to what you were expecting, and even behave differently. Meanwhile, AKC and CKC take dog breeding very seriously and you can even receive personalized tips and tricks on caring for your new puppy.