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Frenchies In the spotlight

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If you are a person that spends some time on social media, especially Instagram, then you know the importance of Frenchies in the spotlight. Every single year more and more celebrities and influencers decide to adopt Frenchies into their life. It’s getting to a point where a lot of my favourite people I enjoy following, or even some social media squads are taking in a Frenchie. My timelines have started to fill with Frenchies – and I love it!

It did get me to thinking, though, why exactly have so many people started to add Frenchie into their lives?

I have boiled this down to a couple of possible reasons. Firstly, it is common knowledge to know that, when one person of high stature decides to incorporate something into their life, soon after, many people follow. It is precisely why there has been such a boom in the social media industry. People such as Kylie Jenner have made billions off their social media empires, and names like Lily Sing and David Dobrik have now become household names. Their loyal and devoted followers have placed them with so much trust that one little post about anything leads to something so much more.

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It also explains why so many “ regular” ( you and me ) people are getting into the Frenchie family. When someone has the opportunity to be exposed to these sweet, funny, charismatic little fur babies, it is hard NOT to get one. I mean……. LOOK AT THEIR ADORABLE FACES.

Secondly, after spending so much time with our Frenchies, sometimes I find it hard to think that a person could live with any other type of dog. Frenchie makes my entire world go round and make me happy!

For me, my Frenchie’s are not just a dog….my Frenchies are my babies. I could not imagine a world without them. Their snorts, weird noises, panting, goofy antics, their oddly specific facial features and their old sense of humour make my day. All of these traits make them unique and terrific companions. A Frenchie understands you, and they bring you happiness and joy to one’s life. It is why I think that Frenchies are slowly taking over the world. It may be the social media influence, but ultimately in any day in age with the internet preset or not, nothing and I mean nothing can beat a Frenchie!!!