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We are expecting 2 extraordinary litters in mid-fall 2021.

Reservations being accepted with a $1500 deposit to reserve a spot.

Possible colour combinations are lilac, lilac fawn, lilac reverse brindle, platinum (cream)

Pet prices on these lines start at $6500.


Who We Are


We are a home-based breeder of French bulldog puppies located in Calgary AB and Barrie ON, Canada. 

We started our family breeding program because we love our exceptional dogs. We wanted to help others enjoy the incredible influence that a phenomenal Frenchie can have in your life. We directly service buyers in Calgary and the surrounding areas, and in Barrie and the GTA.  Our past clients live across the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica, so no matter where you live in North and Central America, we can bring the puppy to you.

Dogs are a massive part of every facet of our lives. Being a home breeding service, we nurture and personally care for all the puppies right in our livingrooms. They are pampered and watched over, always. The joy that these pups and their parents bring to our lives is immense! Our dogs get us out to the river and dog parks, love car rides and community outings, and have hilarious, complex personalities. Puppies are raised in our active households among children, cats, and other dogs, they hear music and baseball game commentary and laughing and get tons of snuggles. We sing to them. Seriously. Everything in our puppies’ early weeks is about care, stimulation, and socialization before they head to forever homes with you.  

More than anything, and we love how amazing French bulldogs are. We have long been dog lovers, but our breeding story starts when our children were diagnosed with ADHD and low-grade autism, and another with a rare chromosomal syndrome. Interacting with animals brings huge joy to all children and therapeutic benefits especially to disabled kids. So we decided to welcome a Frenchie into our home – a breed known for its patience, warmth, and friendliness. Little did we know how much this little bundle of wiggles and rolls would change our lives forever! After a few years of learning about French bulldogs and mentorship in breeding, we developed our home breeding program to bring this love to you, too.

We have two dogs that live with us at home, and we couldn’t imagine life without them. They’re just as important as our children, and we include them in all family activities, from sleeping to boat rides. They’re incredibly friendly pets, and they helped us overcome many tough moments. All our other Frenchies are safely cared for in guardian homes with our family and close friends. This way, we know for sure that they are being pampered and receive all the love they deserve.

Izzy & Hermes, the two Frenchies we have at home, are both gorgeous dogs rocking a shiny lilac fur. Izzy, the matriarch, is snuggly and gentle, not only to her pups but to us as well. When it’s playtime, she doesn’t shy away from running, jumping around, and making friends. Hermes, her daughter, has an elegant personality, but once you get her a belly rub, she’ll play with you for hours.

Izzy and Hermes at the Beach Together

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Facts about French bulldogs

Some quick little facts that show how amazing French bulldogs are:


Calm and adaptability are two of Frenchie’s main personality traits. These puppies are not only easy to look after, but they’re also incredibly patient and caring, which makes them perfect for apartment living. Frenchies are smart, goofy, and affectionate, so they’ll quickly make friends with the entire family. The only two things you’ll need to avoid when looking after a French bulldog are extreme temperatures (they don’t like it when it’s too hot or too cold) and leaving them alone for a long time.


Grooming for French bulldogs is relatively low maintenance, and anyone can do it. All you have to do is cut their nails every two weeks and clean their ears regularly. Their unique ear shape makes them more vulnerable to the elements, so cleaning them is essential if you want to avoid infections. As for shedding, you don’t need to worry. Thanks to their short fur, Frenchies have a minimal shedding level. French bulldogs also have a low tendency of drooling; thus, regular washes should keep them spick and span.


Frenchies are some of the smartest and least difficult dogs out there. Thanks to their low prey drive and low tendency to bark and growl, they won’t be hard to train and, compared to other dogs, you’ll notice that they learn how to behave themselves and execute commands quite rapidly. Some patience will be needed for the first sessions, though. Because of their stubborn and playful nature, Frenchies will do their own thing at first, but don’t worry; they’re fast learners.


Because they’re a small breed, French bulldogs don’t need as much physical activity as large breeds. Simply playing fetch and running around the house is enough for them to get their daily exercise, and the best part is that you don’t even have to take them to the park. Frenchies are fun, energetic little puppies, so the daily playtime with your kids consumes the optimal number of calories. To prevent your Frenchie puppy from putting out weight, we recommend short walks around the neighbourhood or playing in the yard. The average weight for a Frenchie is approximately 16- 24 pounds (7.2- 11KG) for females and 20-28 pounds (9-12.7kg) for males. They typically have an average standing height of about 10-12 inches.

Adding a Canadian Frenchies French bulldog to your family is something that can immensely benefit your lives, bringing you fun and happiness on a day to day basis. They are amazingly simple to take care of, taking little to no effort.

Looking for a French Bulldog

Frenchies may be known for their short stature and buff and cobby features, but their personalities are just as adorable. They’re little bundles of joy who love to play and jump around, and they’ll cuddle up next to you. To make sure your fabulous French bulldog lives a long, healthy, and happy life, feed them a balanced diet and help them get their daily recommended exercise.

There is no specific way to feed your Frenchies. In addition to each owner’s beliefs, every puppy has its own unique needs and dietary requirements. Here at Canadian Frenchies, we want what’s best for our little pups, which is why we always recommend owners to talk to the vet and find out if the Frenchie has any allergies or food intolerances. This way, you’ll be able to create a personalized diet that caters specifically to your Frenchie’s needs.

The number one question about feeding a French bulldog is How much and how often should I be feeding my Frenchie? Vets recommend that you feed your puppy about 25-30 calories of food per pound of bodyweight, which accounts for an average of 750 calories max. However, keep in mind that you might want to adjust this formula depending on your Frenchie’s activity level. For lazier dogs, you’ll need to decrease the number of calories so they don’t become overweight, while active and energetic dogs will need more calories. When designing a diet for your Frenchie, don’t forget to count the treats, too, because those also contain calories.

French Bull Dog Goes for Thrilling Boat Ride

Many French bulldog owners have their dogs on schedules. They like to live by feeding their dogs early in the morning, either 6:00 or 8:00 and then after about 12 hours after.

Fun Fact!

After the Industrial Revolution, lace makers needed companions, and they chose the playful and adorable French bulldog. Then, as lacemakers migrated to northern France, Frenchies instantly gained fame thanks to their bubbly personalities.

Artists’ preference for Frenchies is kept to this day, when heads of state, influencers, actors, and designs choose them as companions.

The origin of the French Bulldogs

Looking at the affectionate and playful nature of French bulldogs, no one could imagine them involved in any form of aggressive sport, let alone think of putting them in a dangerous environment, but sadly, the origin of French bulldogs isn’t very pretty.

Frenchies originate from the Molossians – and ancient Greek tribe of traders and travelers who spread them all over the world. British Molossian dogs were then developed into mastiffs and used as bullbaiting dogs. This was an extremely bloody and dangerous sport with high fatality for the dogs, which had to fight bulls in an enclosed space. Luckily, Britain forbade the sport by law in 1835, and many “unemployed” dogs now became companion pets.

At the time, the dogs were on the larger size, so people started to crossbreed them with terriers. Smaller breeds gained massive appeal, and their owners even had them compete in dog shows beginning with 1860. The love for “toy dogs” coincided with the migration of British lace workers to Normandy, in Northern France, who brought with them the miniature bulldog. France and England started a trade-in imported small Bulldogs and, gradually, the Bouledogue Francais started to be recognized as a breed. Today, Frenchies one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, known for their cute face and even more adorable personality. If you want a pet that will get along with the entire family, you can’t go wrong with a French Bulldog.

Origin of the French Bull Dog

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