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Canadian Frenchies is a home-based breeder of French bulldog puppies. We breed several litters per year with our dogs. Currently located in Calgary, AB, Canada, we not only service the surrounding area, but we also serve the United States, as well as all around the world. Any French bulldog that we breed can be brought to you directly. We take great pride in our gorgeous dogs and love all of them very much. We always have French bulldog puppies for sale in Canada, and the United States.

We love owning our small in-home breeding program. We first started breeding puppies because we love French bulldogs. Secondly, because of our children, who have ADHD and one who has low-grade autism. It was vital for us to have animals in our house to bring comfort and teach our children compassion and how to love a small fur baby. And lastly, because a wonderful woman whom we bought Izzy from showed us all the beautiful things that Frenchies brought to our lives. Like fulfillment and love into our home.

We have two dogs that live with us, and they are our fur babies. They travel with us, sleep with us, go to the lake with us, go on boat rides with us, shower with the kids and go to work with us. There isn’t that much that they don’t do with us. They are our spoiled little fur babies. While the other girls are all in guardian homes with close friends and relatives, and they are all pampered and spoiled. It is a significant part of who we are!!!!

The matriarch is Izzy, she’s an amazing, fun-loving dog, with lilac fur. Izzy enjoys so many different things, including cuddles, peanut butter, and playing with her daughter Hermes. She’s an amazing mother and spends time at the lake; soaking up the sun, rolling around in the mud, and running around. She also enjoys sleeping under the covers of our bed with us. Her high energy and enthusiasm have been a great addition to our family. She brings smiles to our children and is always ready for a good snuggle. We love her and the love she brings to everyone around her!

Our second dog is Hermes, she is the daughter of Izzy, and just like her mom, she rocks a fantastic lilac coat and can produce lilac and tan puppies. Hermes is a very excited dog; she loves running and playing and having fun with anyone or anything. She is quite gentle but is full of energy. Her favourite thing in the whole world is belly rubs. If you rub her belly, she will love you forever! She enjoys the sun and running around in the yard and playing soccer, but not sharing the ball. Hermes is a unique dog with an elegant and energetic personality.

Izzy and Hermes at the Beach Together

Dogs are a massive part of our lives. We love our little pups, and breeding brings us so much joy. Being a home breeding service, this gives us time to create a bond and personally care for all the puppies. They are cared for and watched over always. The love that these pups bring to our lives is immense, and we here at Canadian Frenchies hope that you and your family get the opportunity to experience this level of cuteness.

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Facts about French bulldogs

Here are some quick little facts about French bulldogs:


Something unique about these fur friends is that their adaptability for apartment living is marvellous. They are fantastic for novice owners, and their sensitivity level is quite high. French bulldogs are smart, goofy, and affectionate. While they don’t have an excellent tolerance for loneliness, or extreme heat and cold, overall Frenchies have great potential for adaptability.


Grooming for French bulldogs is quite simple. Since they tend to have a minimal shedding level and since their coats are short, it doesn’t take much to maintain them. Frenchies benefit from their nails being cut every two weeks, depending on how much their nails grow. As well their signature ears are open to the elements, therefore, their ears must be cleaned regularly. French bulldogs also have a low tendency of drooling; thus, regular washes should keep them spick and span.


The benefits of getting a French bulldog is that they are easy to train. Frenchies are brilliant, with a shallow prey drive, and their tendency to bark or growl is also low to average compared to other dogs. However, Frenchies can be stubborn, and it may take multiple training sessions for them to cooperate.


The overall exercise and health care of a French bulldog differ from dog to dog. Most dogs are very energetic and playful, but the need for activity is not like bigger dogs. Walking around your house, or even a short daily walk is more than enough for these beautiful creatures. Frenchies are quite loving, and they would rather cuddle up to you than go for a long run. Playing around your home or in your yard is ideal. But it is recommended to take them on short walks regularly so that their weight doesn’t increase too much. The average weight for a Frenchie is approximately 16- 24 pounds (7.2- 11KG) for females and 20-28 pounds (9-12.7kg) for males. They typically have an average standing height of about 10-12 inches.

Adding a Candian Frenchies French bulldog to your family is something that can immensely benefit your lives, bringing you fun and happiness on a day to day basis. They are amazingly simple to take care of, taking little to no effort.

Looking for a French Bulldog

Frenchies are known for their buff and cobby features. They are cute short little dogs that are full of excitement, energy and have a very playful demeanour. Just like any other animal, Frenchies need to have a balanced diet to make sure they don’t get too overweight or unhealthy. We want to make sure that these fabulous Canadian French Bulldogs can live a long and fruitful life.

There is no specific way to feed your Frenchies. Each family or owner has their own beliefs and values when it comes to puppy meals and exercise. We here at Canadian Frenchies want the best for our little pups. The best information is to talk to your veterinarian to see if your pup/dog has allergy issues or health concerns. Your French bulldogs’ diet should be specific and catered to your dog.

The number one question commonly asked about French bulldogs’ feeding is how much and how frequent should we be feeding them while this is different from bulldog to bulldog depending on age weight and size. Most Frenchies, either male or female, can have a fluctuating weight. So it is recommended that they eat about 25-30 calories of food per pound of their body weight. Most adult French bulldogs depending on their weight should be eating about 550-750 calories, depending on how much exercise they receive per day. Some Frenchies are lazier than others meaning they may need to be fed less, while others are quite active and need more energy for their day to day activities so you should be feeding them more. These calculations and numbers do not account for any treats you may give your Frenchie.

French Bull Dog Goes for Thrilling Boat Ride

Many French bulldog owners have their dogs on schedules. They like to live by feeding their dogs early in the morning either 6:00 or 8:00 and then after about 12 hours after.

Fun Fact!

The original French bulldogs were thought of as the mascots of the lace-making trade, considering that lacemakers needed a companion after the industrial revolution. After the migration of Lacemakers to northern France, the tiny pup become a sensation and still has been to this day.

Frenchies are sought after all over the world, by many people including heads of state, social media sensations, movie actors, authors, and especially designers!

The origin of the French Bulldogs

These fun-loving, playful, compassionate, modern-day French bulldogs that we know and adore directly originate from an ancient Greek tribe named the Molossians. These dogs were spread into the world by traders and travellers; where the British Molossian dogs are developed into mastiffs and used as bullbaiting dogs. In simple terms, the basis of bullbaiting was taking both a bull and a dog into space where the bull is tied, and the dog then fights until the bull is pinned down. The bull would not go down without a fight, leaving high chances of fatality to the dogs. The dog would usually bite the bull on its nose, considerably the most sensitive part of the bull. Luckily in the year 1835, the heinous sport was shut down when Britain passed a law criminalizing the game, this then left many pups without employment.

Fortunately, many dogs in the country were also bred to be companion pets rather than their original purpose of sporting. Since some of the dogs were on the larger size, crossbreeding with “terriers” began. Then not too long after the “Toy Dog” started to become increasingly more popular, even competing in dog shows beginning circa 1860. In tandem to this, many lace workers that were beginning to become displaced due to the industrial revolution started to settle in northern France, more specifically, Normandy. When immigrating they brought with them a multitude of dog breeds including the miniature bulldog. The tiny bulldog quickly gained attraction creating an import trade of French bulldogs, and thus French bulldogs are as popular as ever and are loved across the world today.

Origin of the French Bull Dog

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